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Reply to "Which vendors here are going to be at the October 17th 2 rail show at the Strasburg PA firehouse???"

Thank you for a successful, fun day !!!

While Rich and I provide the venue , It is the dealers and attendees that make the Strasburg show so nice.

I must say in my 30 plus years in the O scale fraternity I never saw so much track and switches in one show .

Tom Thorpe , Bruce Blackwood and Bob Lavezzi still have lots of track left even though a big dent was put in there inventory.

Special "Thank You" to Bruce Blackwood and the O Scale Kings for their great display and Nick Bulgarino / Dave Vaughn for the O Scale Central web site and layout display.

2021 Strasburg show dates are 04/17 , 08/07 , 10/16/2021

2022 Strasburg show dates are 04/23 , 08/06 , 10/15/2022

Thank you all for your continued support in the O Scale 2 Rail Community.

John P. Dunn Sr. / Rich Yoder  Scale 2 Rail Promotions

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