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Reply to "Who made this 4-6-0 brass locomotive ?"

Here we go - lightened up and enhanced:

Frenchy's ten-wheelerFrenchy's main frame

I did find my authentic Lobaugh 4-4-0.  The main frame shows similarities, but is not exact.  That precisely machined slot for the gearbox is identical, and definitely the pedestal binders are prewar Lobaugh.  I would look for sand cast marks between the rear drivers (a rough indentation between the machine marks) and possibly a frame extension soldered in for the front driver.

I don't think it was a kit, since Lobaugh still knew how to do rivets on smokeboxes after the war, as evidenced by the Greenbrier and Lost-Wax Mike.

If it were mine, I would first replace the tender trucks with Lobaugh, and second, remove the outline on the lower cab.  Maybe a dummy driver spring on the #1 driver.  All in all, the thing has charm!

I just received in the mail a live steam atrocity.  It has D-valve cylinders, which may be the only reusable part.  I was thinking SP S-8, but maybe one like this with an SP cab?

And speaking of atrocities - the Greek just got a new vacuum cleaner.  At first, I figured it had gestated in the chest cavity of a wayward astronaut, but now I am getting used to it.  If it dies, I may stuff it and put it on a train shelf - with wheels, it could be an anti-Thomas - an honorary steam locomotive.


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  • Frenchy's ten-wheeler
  • Frenchy's main frame
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