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Reply to "Who's in for the Milwaukee Road Acela?"

@vash44 posted:

I would like to see more coaches (for selfish reasons). I like crazy long trains. I do agree 110% that they do need to keep pumping out freight cars.

I think I'm at 8 coaches and I'm waiting on the Hobo Car.  In the new catalog are 2 sleepers.  I may get one but that's about it.  With that I'll be pulling 10 cars.  Still would like another run of the N5 Caboose.  Waiting on the Bay Window.

Currently I have...

  • Baggage
  • Combo
  • Abandoned Toys
  • Dinner
  • Sound Dinner (won't even call it the Hot Chocolate car)
  • 15th Anniversary Coach
  • Coach
  • Observation
  • RPO (wrong color hopefully corrected soon)
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