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Reply to "WIFI Camera Using Apple TV"


Yes my receiver connects directly to a TV via a Composite video cable This is not a FULL HD signal, but when conversing with some drone aviators, they have mentioned that my camera is 700TVL which close to a 720 HD output.  Still this signal is analog and doesn't have the same clarity that a digital signal offer, but HD wasn't my goal with this project.

The transmitter and receiver run in the 5.8GHz band and are dedicated to each other. No Wi-FI, no digital signal processors, very little latency in the image and I get 30 frames per second for a nice fluid video output.  One drawback is fuzzy output when the signal is degraded or encounters interference.

Below is a picture of my receiver, nothing too special and there are much better options out there with built in DVR if you want one.

Below, also is a video of the camera car in action. My phone doesn't quite do the video quality the justice it deserves but I want to show how fluid the video is without any frame rate loss. At the end, I have crude method to show the minimal amount of latency this system has.  Again, the video quality on the screen is better than shown in this video clip, and "4K SUHD" output isn't my objective here. 

This is my (small) home layout (the boss won't let me take out any walls or make holes for tunnels). The camera car is running on O-42 track and the center rail stays pretty close to the middle of the screen. 

I too am curious about Lionel's Wi-Fi video. I did pose the question to Dave Olsen in another thread about the frame rate and latency of the video. If memory serves me, he said the frame rate was almost 30 FPS and the latency was pretty low. He showed a video of the camera in operation, but there is no way to determine the latency from the video he posted. The Framerate looked pretty good for what he was doing, but his video didn't have any high speed operations going on either.


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