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Reply to "WIFI Camera Using Apple TV"

I have had a some requests about the camera equipment used in this project. 

The camera is an AOMWAY WDR 700 TVL with a 2.8mm Wide angle IR Blocked lens
I later changed the Lens to a FOXEER 2.5mm Wide angle IR Blocked lens

The transmitter is a FOXEER TM25 Switcher which allows for three power out put settings (25mw, 200mw & 600mw)
        Originally, I used the included AOMWAY 200mw transmitter included with the camera, which produces slightly better video quality.
        It was piggy-back mounted to the camera and generated so much heat that it was causing the CMOS in the camera to distort the image.
        Removing it from the camera also allow for the FOXEER transmitter to mounted out of sight and gave a cleaner look to the project.

I also used a FOXEER 5.8 GHZ circular polarized antenna in place of the include "stick" antenna.

The video receiver is a BOSCAM RX5822. This is pretty basic unit and does a decent job. There are much better units that allow for diversity antennas and also have built-in DVR that allow for saving the video to and SD card.  I also used a generic circular polarized 5.8 GHz antenna in place of the included "stick" antenna.

I am using (8) Panasonic ENELOOP Pro batteries that have a 2450 mah rating and they last about 12 - 14 hours between charges when the FOXEER transmitter is set to 25mw output.  I have found that 200 mw is overkill when your camera really never goes beyond 100 ft from the video receiver. As I mentioned in the earlier post the batteries add weight, the whole unit weighs in at just under 1 pound with these batteries.

Lastly, I had few people notice that my image was on a Dell computer monitor which they didn't think had a composite input connector. They were exact;y right as I am using a generic Composite to VGA converter box I picked off of eBay for not a lot money. I received 4 of these 15" Dell monitors for free and I'm testing out a VGA splitter from Trippite to send the video signal to 4 screens at the same time for the club layout. 

Any and all other questions, comments or suggestions are welcome!

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