Reply to "Will O31 fastrack fit on 36 inch wide table?"

RSJB18 posted:
Leroof posted:

Mike,   Rob figured out what your fastracks close  to the edge would leave! 


031 Tubular rail would be at least bankable. 

You could always set up a fence or a baracade  around the fast tracks or have a restricted speed limit. Best of luck.

Check your clearances as you build. Steam cow catchers and cabs, and diesel pilots hang over a lot on a 031 curve. Even worse on 027 (ask me how I know )

Leroof's video is a good example.

Here's how it looks in SCARM. Board is 36" wide.

031 curve

031 3D


rsjb18 is right about the “overhang” ,  especially Steam Engines!  And more especially if your Layout is next to a wall! Your Engine will “HIT” the wall! Of course if you run any kind of articulated Engine, you will definitely hit the wall!!

Believe me I know as well!!


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