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Williams o scale "I think I can" chugging sound?

Ok so iv looked all over multiple railroad fourms but haven't found anything on this topic and I thought it best to make a discussion about it.

What is the "I think I can" chugging sound?

Well according to an old video on YouTube that I can no longer find, the Williams company put a very special joke sound clip in some of their o scale locomotives,  specifically the PRR-K4 and NYC-Niagara 

And this clip would trigger randomly and it was said to be " a ghostly voice" and the man didn't know what it was and said to his adult son "my train in talking to me" and recorded it. After listening to it they found it was saying "I think I can, I think I can " in a raspy voice like the little engine that could! 

He emailed williams and they were floored to find that somehow he got it to trigger,  they later sent the man a list of transformer imput commands to trigger the effect on que! Even better if you blew the whistle one time and started the engine again,  it would say " I thought I could "

So what I'm asking is if anyone else has this effect on their williams locomotives? 

And if you have a video PLEASE POST IT!




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