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Reply to "Wiring question about 1033 transformer"

B9883B1A-9762-4E67-96FE-34C2ACF3064973B72A51-E8FB-45AE-ADCD-32A5BE0DFC80@ADCX Rob posted:

The "A" is the common on the 1033 for use on common ground layouts.  "U" has the throttle, direction, & whistle/horn controls all for the center rail power, so that should be connected to Lockon Clip 1 for running trains.

You are at or near the 4.5 amp capacity of the 1033, so running warm is normal with that load.

Hi Rob, I am confused by your post. All the diagrams I have of proper connection of transformers shows the U terminal going to the number 2 lock on terminal which connects to the two outside rails. It shows the A or B terminals going to the number 1 lock on terminal which connects to the center rail.  Jim


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