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Reply to "Wiring switch tower to Fastrack"

@Siggy posted:

Thx guys

last question: what are the steps to modify internal wiring? If too complicated I will let it be as it is working ok with previous instructions



You'd need to look inside and identify where the hot side wiring branches between the light and the action figures' solenoid.  Next, you'd need to sever that hot connection to the light and attach a wire to the cut hot wire that goes to it  That new wire would connect to the existing lights' circuit hot side and would need to be secured out of the way of the moving parts of the action mechanism.

The remaining connections would be:

Tab 1- Hot, either track or (fixed aux power independent from lights).

Tab 2 - Ground from Isolated Rail

Tab 3 - Either Common Ground or existing light circuit ground

If the existing light circuit and the track, aux power and/or action circuit share a common ground, it would be advisable to make sure all power sources are phased.

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