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Wish list for the next Lionel catalog

Its never to early to put a bug in Lionel's ear for the upcoming catalogs.

So, I would like to see:

- some more SD70ace's or SD70M's with Central Maine and Quebec paint scheme. See the pictures. The Central Maine and Quebec is owned by the Canadain Pacific.

- GP9s in Providence and Worcester paint.

Any of the above locomotives in a Lionel Lines paint (which always looks good)

More Lion chief or Legacy locomotives that can negotiate an O-36 curve.

0cb52d4fd5202798256ad1fd2d96545840163100162_73c219dba8_bdownloadProvidence and Worcester #1dcoejig-c6fd1006-7656-4d74-8e6b-4bd1adceb4a7


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  • 0cb52d4fd5202798256ad1fd2d965458
  • 40163100162_73c219dba8_b
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  • Providence and Worcester #1
  • dcoejig-c6fd1006-7656-4d74-8e6b-4bd1adceb4a7
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