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Reply to "Wish list for the next Lionel catalog"

@Csxcellent posted:

Has Lionel ever offered a scale rs3? My first engine was a Christmas rs3, but I’ve never seen a scale rs3 from Lionel, only mth.

The only mass produced close to scale RS3 has been the Weaver version and the Atlas version is a close second. 

To change to the topic and provide a positive contribution, I'd like to see:

  • Real 2 rail offerings with fixed pilots and DCC
  • Runs of individual 21" cars so we aren't stuck with the traditional 4 car set and a 2 car add-on pack.  The 21" generic Budd style cars are well done for the price point, but it would be nice to be able to add-on some 10-6's and coaches for a longer train.
  • A re-run of F40PHs less the quality control issues of the original runs.  Yes, it is a "classic F unit" now, but they did do a nice job with theirs on capturing the details correctly.  For me this locomotive and all the -40 series EMDs are the epitome of quality and Longevity.   
  • CNJ Atlantic 592 - the one in the B&O museum.  It pulled the Blue Comet often during the later years and served another 10 years in service.  It is not the same body casting as the overdone 10 wheeler as the steam dome is behind the cab and there is more space between the Wooten firebox and the cab.  The proportions of that one .  Preferably in 2 rail for me on that one.
  • CNJ GP40-P.  I would purchase this in at least two to three of the 5 paint schemes it ended up in through NJT and I don't see this coming from anyone else at any time.

Otherwise for now I don't really have anything else on my bucket list that I don't see coming from my preferred manufacturer.

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