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Reply to "Woodland scenics Track riser kits"

2A8D37F2-D68C-48C7-844A-03D33DF69FC0You can stack them on top of each other to elevate the track high or increase the grade. The risers/inclines make very smooth grades and the area around the risers can be filled in with paper to make rolling hills and such.2266BDFE-5F9D-4273-8FB8-B310D1D6A33DB01221C6-0D5D-4565-8C10-28C6AA59772DA2B1CD3E-E896-4753-8F9B-817EEACDE993


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  • 2A8D37F2-D68C-48C7-844A-03D33DF69FC0
  • 2266BDFE-5F9D-4273-8FB8-B310D1D6A33D
  • B01221C6-0D5D-4565-8C10-28C6AA59772D
  • 9B23EC10-3472-4174-B215-8E24340D89EB
  • A2B1CD3E-E896-4753-8F9B-817EEACDE993
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