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Reply to "WTB Lionel 6-82290 LC+"

I just re-tested them, all functions work properly, see photos below showing lights and other details. I did not add smoke fluid to them for the test I just ran (don't want to ship them full of fluid), the smoke units worked when I got them. I then turned the smoke function off when the initial load of smoke fluid was consumed. I turned them back on just now and can hear the fans in all three units working. I ran the powered A unit and powered B unit separately they both respond to the remote and function properly. The electro-couplers on both A units were tested and function properly. The horn, bell, and dialogue functions were also tested and were functioning properly. Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Stopped Cab light and number boards on

Moving forward. Forward Direction lights on

Stopped Rear number boards lit up

Moving in reverse, rear unit directional lights on

Side View

Alternate Side View

Underside Powered A

Underside B unit

Underside non-powered A unit

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