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Reply to "York Fall 2021?"

Phil, what you mentioned, about attending OGR Forum meetings at York, is what I was hoping for, and would be the main reason for me to go. As nice as all the trains are (and I love them all), it's the people that interest me the most. It seems to me that York is the best place to meet the maximum number of Forum members at one time.

As soon as it is determined when and where Forum members are meeting at York, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever, please share that info on the Forum so we all can plan our visit accordingly. Arnold

Arnold........some where around 4-5 weeks before York, I will put up a new thread for the Thursday, pre-York breakfast at the Round-the-Clock Diner (Route 30, just west of I-83). We usually arrive around 7-7:30 and Then leave to congregate in the Orange Hall lobby. The Diner is always gracious to have a large area on the west wall empty for us......I usually call to confirm after Labor Day.

Thursday night is the OGR Forum get-together at Quaker Steak.

Friday AM breakfast is usually open

Friday afternoon is the OGR Forum meeting in the Gold Hall Conference Room

Friday evening, a group of us usually have dinner together......last time it was Olive Garden and we had about 15 people.......I’ll likely get a reservation for a group as that time gets closer.....

Stay tuned.....the Eastern Division is planning events for earlier in the week and there may be more opportunities to get together.

Looking forward to actually meeting you in person.....


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