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Reply to "York Fall 2021?"

@John E K posted:

I met with Dan Danielson this morning and he confirmed the following for the October York Show:

- Registration will open online on or before July 17th. An announcement will be made through the TCA email list prior.

- They expect the tables to sell out. Aisles will be wider for adequate social distancing, causing the removal of around 170 tables.

- Member tables will be in the Black and Yellow Halls.

- Monday activity - Movie Night in the Blue Hall. Under Siege 2, Steven Seagal is the cook on a train in this one?

- Tuesday Night Reception 5:30p-7p. Hall TBD, finger food, etc.

- No activities on Wednesday.

- Show opens Noon on Thursday.

All information should be considered as subject to adjustment. Hope this helps your planning.

@WaynePa posted:

Will all the halls be open or will there be some limitations.

I understand that members who are already registered and have a table registration will have a table but they may not be in the same location. Could that change as we get closer to the date.

John posted this info a few pages back.

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