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Reply to "York Fall 2021?"

@ftauss posted:

I found the York Meet webpage. They have a "primer" for new attendees but it looks like it was last updated in 2017. Does anyone know if there are plans to update it? Or if there are other sources of preparatory material?

I am hoping to go to it for the first time. Wife has already signed off and will not be coming. I want to have a good idea what to expect so I can plan my time.

Thanks, Frank

@Bruce Brown posted:

Clem Clement's tutorial on York is arguably the biblical primer. Here it is...

Bruce hit the nail on the head!

Also, keep in mind the forum breakfast at Round The Click Diner on Thursday morning and the forum dinner gathering at Quaker Steak and Lube on Thursday evening.

Peter will start a breakfast thread a few weeks before the meet and while there usually isn't a dinner thread before the event folks start gathering around 5:30 and we pretty much take over the back part of the restaurant.  The wait staff will direct you to the back and just grab a seat.


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