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Reply to "York Fall 2021?"

@Rail Dude posted:

Great info, Thanks Bruce!

I very much would like to attend, (First Timer), gotta learn to quit choosing career over the love for the hobby. It's getting easier as I get older, coincidence?

I attended my first York when I was 61.  Yes, way too old considering I live a 5-hour drive away.  I agree it’s easier the older we get.  Now I’m retired, recovering from surgery, and will be 65 this fall, hopefully in good shape to attend again.  You worked hard all these years, get to York and enjoy it.  None of us knows how much longer he will be able to do it.

@Bruce Brown posted:

Although Clem's primer runs about 45 pages, IMHO a couple of items are missing:

1) If you are married, have a joint checking account, and in the process of building a layout--buying trains, track, scenery, etc--please think of a budget amount you don't plan to exceed. (I would also say this if you were planning on a trip to Las Vegas.) Problem is that it would be easy to drop $10,000+ at York without much effort. I always told my wife what I would be spending, and got agreement from her in advance. Thus when I returned home she did not go into shock or demanded large quantities of gold and diamond jewelry in retaliation. (I am still happily married after 30 years and attended York for 25 of them)

2) If you are a senior, knowing where all the bathrooms are located is vital. The TCA's map you get in the mail has those highlighted.  As someone previously mentioned, bring single dollar bills for the bathroom attendants.

I’m with you on both items, Bruce.  I have been able to keep Mrs. B. happy for 37 years.  Also, bathrooms are vital.  I’m happy to tip those fellows in the rest rooms.  There is a similar arrangement in rest rooms at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh when we go to hear our daughter sing with the Mendelssohn Choir.

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