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Reply to "York Fall 2021?"

York news now on the TCA website:

  • "On Tuesday evening, Eastern Division will sponsor a Welcome Party.  Beer, wine, and finger food will be provided. Door prizes will also be given out.  The location has yet to be determined.
  • At the Welcome Party there will be a Lionel Vision Line Big Boy locomotive that will be given away. Tickets are $5 each and can be ordered through the Registration Form.
  • You can sign up for each event and order tickets on the registration form in the Headquarters News.
  • On Friday Night, October 22nd there will be the FREE Ice Cream Social.
  • On Saturday Morning there will be FREE Donuts and Coffee.


If you have not registered yet, REGISTER NOW!  Updated Registration Forms will be mailed out by July 15th. Online Registration will be available on June 25th at  The call center will be operational on July 14th."


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