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Reply to "York TCA Fall Show 2021"

@RandyO posted:

Just contacted Scenic Express and they will NOT be attending the October 2021 York TCA Show.    They also said they will likely not be attending future events since they moved their operations to Colorado.  So now, in general, there does not seem to be many of the large retailers at the Show.  I used to buy a lot of things from Scenic Express in the past.  I may attend the show out of curiosity, but based on feedback from other posts about York,  I'm thinking the Orange Hall may be largely empty.  I hope I'm wrong.

It is my understanding, Charles Ro, and Nicholas Smith Trains also will not be in attendance.

Old news previously discussed on the forum.

@rthomps posted:

Apparently, TrainWorld will not attend as well.

Because the owner is under the weather.   I fully expect them to be at future meets.


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