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OK Everyone ... So what is the "IT" I am talking about...?

For quite a few years I have had folks come up to me and ask why we have not produced some sort of clothing or hat or....whatever with a choice of different OGR logos. (click on "shop by logo" once you are in the store)  You mentioned that at one time OGR sold shirts that you could order with our logo and your name on the shirt and you also mentioned how much you enjoyed wearing your OGR branded garment to train meets, etc.  Many of you liked having an OGR shirt because you felt it expressed your support for the hobby and OGR...which we greatly appreciated.  So why has it taken so long for O Gauge Railroading Magazine to once again offer apparel?  Well, it was mainly because the whole process was cumbersome.  So much so that our small staff found itself feeling like we were working in a clothing store rather than producing a magazine...LOL!  We simply could not justify at that time devoting the staffpower but now we can because the process has been completely streamlined by the agreement we have entered into with a distribution/production company. 

50th Anniversary Apparel Ad - WEB

We are proud to introduce the "O Gauge Railroading Magazine Apparel And Accessory Line"....(drum roll please!)  You have several hundred products to choose from in all price ranges and quality levels.  There are all kinds of shirts, tees, sweaters, coats, jackets, hats, pants, totes, children's wear (for the grand kids that like trains!), and a bunch more.  You can sort by price, style, etc.  Keep in mind when ordering any piece or pieces of apparel that you do so carefully and with the color combination you really want because since these are custom made for you, there will be no returns unless of course it is a problem on our side. now "IT" is here just in time for O Gauge Railroading's 50th Anniversary Celebration! plenty of time for the OGR crew to be wearing their new apparel at this coming fall York.  Lets see how many of you will be wearing your OGR garment at the Grand Stand meeting we will have this coming York.  We will have a form at the OGR booth for those of you that show up wearing your OGR shirt, hat, etc. giving each of you something special for your support of this new line.  You can get your OGR apparel here!

Thanks so much for your support!



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  • 50th Anniversary Apparel Ad - WEB
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