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Reply to "Z1000 power"

D445C94F-9D6E-423F-93F7-7393000A4F09Mello Hudson Mike, “the power conveyed by a current of an Ampère through the difference of potential of a Volt".

The measurement of a Watt is a mathematical byproduct of the interaction of electromotive force created when resistance occurs in the transference of energy, in this case, as a measurement of work.

in an electrical circuit, the three components are Voltage, Resistance and Current…Watts is only a measurement of the output of those entities.

And it’s a marketing representation at best, because it sounds better to have 400 Watts than to have 10 Amps.

in a Alternating Current system, the most important aspect is the Amperage

Yes, the Voltage is relevant.

here’s the math that supports it

we have 18 volts that forces up to 10 Amps, that’s 180 Watts  

if we only focus on the Watts, 180

we can increase either volts or Amps in many ways to get 180 watts

but those combinations will not adequately run our trains…

therefore the current is the crucial measurement..because we require a specific range to run our Alternating Current driven devices  

And we achieve that current by applying a specific voltage across a specific resistance to get the current we need  so that our engines can draw what they require to function  


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