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Reply to "Zinc Pest Advancing"

@Allegheny posted:

Brian has a valid point.   Folks that can't really afford to have a $900+ engine or set disintegrate on them without spare parts being available are going to be gun shy.  It is only natural.   

The issue is real and random throughout the manufacturers - except those in the brass business.

The manufacturers must come up with a viable solution - as its the right thing to do.


Remember the thread about Lionel Trains not being anymore expensive today than they were in the fifties given inflation, etc?  The most valid point in that entire thread was, "In 50 years from now will the next generation be collecting today's Lionel trains or the same exact ones we collect now from the fifties (and earlier)"

I can get parts for those old trains, yet built in obsolescence for today's trains is considered acceptable business.  Should we no longer expect things to last even at premium prices?


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