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Reply to "ZW question"

Thanks for the helpful hints folks!  I found the issue after dissecting the transformer and discovered the "A" post wire to the throttle terminal had broken off.  I was able to solder it back on.

My next question...I noticed that the secondary coil has some "wiggle" room and hangs pretty close to the primary coil.  I vaguely remember someone telling me that it would be problematic if they touch etc...

So, I was able to stick a thin piece of plastic at the top of the metal "core" and underneath the secondary coil which raises it slightly.  (Pictures are attached).

I have not tried to operate it yet (because I am waiting on some parts to be delivered), but was wondering if what I did is safe?  

As always, thank you in advance for your wonderful insight!



Images (4)
  • IMG_0477: Gap of two coils with plastic piece inserted
  • IMG_0478: Plastic piece pulled out slightly to give sense of size
  • IMG_0480
  • IMG_0479
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