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60' Streamlined Passenger car New York Central Coach MTH Rail King 30-67075

Sam ·
Excellent condition. Box has some shelf wear. $28.00 plus actual postage from zip 20748. 2.5lbs safely boxed. All forms of payment are OK. Email is in my profile. Than ks Sam

Bessemer & LE 3 rail engine

Denis Mitchell ·
MTH, Lionel, 3rd Rail MTH 20-20139-1 SD-40T-3 tunnel motors 901, Powered. MTH 20-20139-3 SD-40t-3 tunnel motor 908 Non powered. MTH20-2690-1 SD-40T-3 tunnel motors 903, 906, Powered. MTH 20-20139-3 SD-40t-3 tunnel motor 910 Non powered MTH 30-2873-3 SD-9 # 828 Non powered MTH 30-20069 SE1500 #151 Or any other manufacture's B& LE products. I prefer unused, but any item considered. Denis @ mitch500@consolidated.net

Can I use this FW Bridge Rectifier on my PS-1 loco?

Rufus ·
I was intending to use a 6 amp 50 volt bridge rectifier, but none available locally so bought this one in picture. Do any of you know is I can use it to power my 4-6-4 MTH RK-1113LP as I am trying to get it to run in just conventional mode, using none of the 'electronic boards (2) that it had when I purchased it years past. If so, then do I run the + and - to the motor and those two prongs in the middle ... one to the pickup which is insulated from the body and the other to the body which...

CNW, Northshore Line, PRR, MTH European, 2 Rail Brass,

mjsachnoff ·
Hello Fellow Model Train Lovers, After attending various shows over the years and not finding what I wanted I've decided to put out my whole laundry list of items wanted to our O Gauge RR Community. If you have any (or all) of the items listed below,...

?? re: MTH Loco-Sound or Proto-Soun d 2.0??

ogaugeguy ·
Regarding a used MTH steam engine from the year 2000 (with no boxes available), how can I tell whether the engine is equipped with Loco-Sound or Proto-Sound 2.0? The engine was originally made available in both versions.

AEM-7 Atlas Vs MTH

Dan Padova ·
I'd like to catch an AEM-7 locomotive. No, I can't run that fast.....LOL. There are two for sale on Evilbay. One Atlas and one MTH. Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of each ?

Acquiring MTH dual pickup rollers

VonFrank ·
Three of my four MTH engines are from the old PS1 days and occasionally stall on certain parts of my layout due to the fact that they have the old single roller electrical pickups. My fourth engine is a PS2 engine and came equipped with the dual...

Additional O Scale Transformers (Help!)

PhoebeSnow ·
Hello all, I currently have an MTH DCS layout powered by a Z4000, through both handles. On the left, I have a main table with three main loops of track along with some sidings. On the right, I have two simple loops around the ceiling of the room. On...


Barry Broskowitz ·


Dan Padova ·
A couple of months ago I purchased a Railking E-33 rectifier for a ridiculously low price. It needed some cosmetic repair as well as a new E-unit. A fellow member helped me out with the e-unit and I made the repairs and, not to be outdone by MTH, added automatic uncoupling. Here's a very short video of it in operation on my test track. https://youtu.be/Z3Om1sNWmrY

Bugged - MTH Doodlebug

Rmrod ·
I'm the new caretaker of an MTH RailKing Doodlebug 30-2158-1. This twin motored car might have been test run once in16 years, but this "bug" is like new. With a freshly charged  8.4 volt battery, it fired right up.  After re-reading the startup insturctions, it took off running like it was built to do, it runs nice and smooth just like a new old "bug" should. Right now the diaphram on the Bug sits over the rear knuckle.  When going around 072 curves it causes the...

3 Rail Conversion of Sunset Brass

Will Ebbert ·
Hello all, I have a 1980(ish) Sunset Models N&W J Class 4-8-4. It is all original (right now) and I need to convert it from 2 rail operation to 3 rail. I have found a company that will install MTH ProtoSound 3 in it, but I was wondering work I need to do to prepare it for that. For the wheels I am using Lionel's parts for their recent rendition of the 611. Obviously I will need to install pickup rollers, but should I also use the Lionel motor or is there a better option? Also, are there...

3D Printing for mainstream producers?

pittsburghrailfan ·
I had an idea the other night. Many O scalers and O gaugers are always complaining (especially with a new catalog release) about how the big 2 (Lionel/MTH) aren't always prototypically accurate on the smaller details of their models (e.g. the E-L #1700 SD45, which is actually an SD45-2). What is MTH or Lionel created a web-based portal where hobbyists could create CAD models of their desired engines with prototypically accurate details, then had MTH 3D print the shells in plastic or metal?

A tale of two SW9s with problems

pittsburghrailfan ·
I may or may not have posted about this before. My local club has a pair of MTH PS2 Montour SW9s, product 30-2327-1. A while back, both engine started operating erratically. One of the two has sounds and lights, but does not respond to a DCS track signal or get found by the remote. Sometimes, when it is placed on a track, the sound and lights turn on, other times it remains dark. The other SW9, after running on my home layout for a bit, lost sound totally, no emissions whatsoever. The...

Any Make O Gauge Engine Upgrade to TMCC with RailSound 4

Jamestown Trains ·
All,   Lionel has made it clear that they will not be issuing licenses for companies to make an after factory Legacy Control/Sound upgrade kit.  The Electric Railroad systems have proven to be excellent over the past 4 years or so we have...

Pix of MTH 4-4-0 Steamer 20-3389-2?

Copter ·
I am considering the purchase of an MTH 4-4-0 American Steam Engine 20-3389-2 Anybody own the PS2 or PS3 version of this engine & willing to share pictures, video or experiences? Copter

Atlas 6924 to MTH 3 Way Signal

Mark B ·
ALL---I'd like to use J3 on the Atlas Non Derail board for MTH Siding Signal-red, yellow, green. Problem is my boards have then pins to attach Red, Green, Black. J3 seems to lack solder less jack like J1, J2 etc. Ideas? Not even sure above works. Simply avoiding having to wire up 12V Relays, Rectifier etc. Mark

Best way to repair MTH wire work?

Pittsburger ·
Hello all,  I just received my new MTH premier SP GS4 Daylight and have been enjoying it a lot. Either in the packaging or the opening, one of the wires on the side of the locomotive was damaged and separated from the boiler. I've attached a picture of the spot where the separation took place. I don't feel it is necessary that I send the train back for repairs as it may have been my fault and is quite easy to do What method would you suggest I use to fix this? Is superglue a good...

Changing out wheel sets?

lehighline ·
I'm looking for someone who has changed out the wheel sets on an MTH Premier SD series diesel. I have some questions for someone with the experience. Thanks! Chris LVHR

Coupler repair/lock?

Alex McDougall ·
I received MTH passenger cars for Christmas this year, and am very pleased with how they've been so far. Only issue I've had is a malfunctioning coupler. The coupler can often stay closed under normal operation (although it has opened a few times on curves), but will come open if put under sudden or above average (but still reasonable) pressure. Any suggestions on what to do? I've looked to replace it with a dummy, but it is attached to the entire truck mechanism. Will I have to replace...

Convert MTH PB from 3 rail to 2 rail

george bissell ·
I would like to convert an MTH PB dummy from 3 rail to 2 rail scale.  Is there a kit for this?  Does anyone do this?  Any advise is appreciated.

Convert MTH switches to LED lights

Ragbran ·
 Was recently reviewing RUN 102 June 2004 and saw the article on Converting the MTH switch lights to LED's. In there a newer version that is simpler? Thanks Chuck

CPR Passenger Car Exclusive from MTH

I came across these at the Calgary model train show this weekend. They are an exclusive run of MTH 64' Woodsided Passenger Cars in Canadian Pacific. They are being produced by Chinook & Hobby West which is a hobby shop in Calgary. They are running a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to produce the cars. Here is a link to the campaign. https://www.indiegogo.com/proj...dsided-passenger-car

Custom designed 8-axle crane tender for American crane

pro hobby ·
Custom designed 8-axle crane tender for MTH model American crane The crane tender includes a crane boom support which allows the boom to be supported when transported. It is adapted from a prototype crane tender. A photo of a Union Pacific prototype 6-axle crane tender with crane boom support is shown. The model is 60 feet in length and has 4 trucks (8 axles) which make it very stable. Each of the 4 trucks is specially mounted so that the car can easily negotiate tight curves. This same car...

DCS Softkey Details and Engine Programming

William Decker ·
Most of my MTH engines involve DCS softkey labels that are easy to understand and use. Also, Appendix A of the "DCS Command System User's Guide" is helpful. However, I have engines (a Galloping Goose [30-2798-1] in particular) that have softkey labels for which I have no detailed instructions. I seem to have to figure these out by trial and error. (The Galloping Goose, for example, has a trolly mode and can be programmed for looped or out-and-back station stops, and it uses softkey codes...

Does MTH actually respond to email/phone requests?

RayL ·
I began some few years back by buying an MTH R-T-R set and have since purchased 2 more engines, various cars and various accessories and additional RealTrax pieces. Recently, I've begun to wonder if I went the wrong way. By that, I mean NOT my decision to go with O gauge, but my decision to go with MTH. I have, at various times over the past several months/years, tried to communicate with MTH regarding various topics such as service, sales, product information, to name 3. It hasn't been...

Engine will not move forward or reverse. New in box MTH Premier Union Pacific USRA steam loco.

Biglou ·
New in box MTH Premier Union Pacific USRA steam loco with Proto 2.0 20-3270-1 from 2007 Volume 1 catalog. I received this engine the day after Christmas. My family wanted to join in on my hobby and worked out a deal on eBay. That said, upon opening the package – brand new box, never opened, with warranty card included, the engine did not work as anticipated. It was placed gently on the track, added into the DCS, started up immediately, and we waited about a minute or two before running the...


fl9turbo2 ·
I have several items from my layout that are looking for a good home MTH Jerrys comics excellent condition i do have the sign for the top I don't have the box asking 25$ plus shipping MTH Macintosh paint excellent condition asking 25$ plus shipping MTH pizzeria WITHOUT the Miller sign everything works asking 25.00+ shipping many questions please ask gpamikeh1@comcast.net I am willing to talk trades no buildings have 2 many already I do not take PayPal only check or money order

Everything 25% OFF and you can still get it before Christmas!

Aaron's City Trains ·
Reminding everyone that EVERYTHING at Aaron's City Trains is an additional 25% OFF our already discounted prices.   Just use promo code AARON25 at checkout on-line to get these incredible savings. www.aaronscitytrains.com You can also call the store at the number listed below. We have tons of engines still in stock.  We also have sets!  You can give those as amazing gifts to get your loved ones into trains too!  Prices have never been this low! Walls of rolling stock...

Fix it or send it back? MTH Daylight

This afternoon I picked up my  4-8-4 Imperial GS-4 Northern Steam Engine  - Southern Pacific (Daylight Large Lettering) Cab No. 4449 Product Number: 30-1621-1 from my LHS.  Upon examination at home I discovered that the side panel on...

Have I been had?

pittsburghrailfan ·
Last September, I took one of my train club's nonfunctioning MTH locomotives to the LHS (Imperial Train Co.) to see what the problem was and if it could be fixed. When I got there, the employees at the store told me they no longer did repairs that might involve replacing a board (which is, in and of itself, disturbing), and gave me the name and number of a repairman by the name of Alan Forrester. Alan agreed that it was likely a circuit board problem of some sort, and told me it would take a...

Having a hard time finding new MTH 260E & 263E PS 2's or 3's

rickb ·
Is the market drying up, MTH doesn't seem to have any planned in the future.

Help can't grasp MTH TIU logic 3 tracks running PS1, PS2, TMCC, Convetional

trainguypa ·
Help we are running 3 tracks and have 7 storage spurs. The tracks are inter-connected using switches each track (line) is isolated with an isolation track thus they are running totally independently. We run Convetional engines (old Lionel, Marx, etc.) TMCC/Command engines, and Proto1 and Proto2 engines. (Sure why would it be easy) heck, we even have a live steam! I am attaching a picture to this, I have NO idea how to wire this up. The core thing I do not understand is the variable...

HD Layout BLOG Series: I'VE MOVED! Caboose Whistle, CSX Heritage Caboose, MTH F59PHI

Stirling R. Callahan ·
https://www.youtube.com/watch?...amp;feature=youtu.be   In this new blog video I talk about a very resent and very sudden move I've made and alittle bit about my plans for a new layout at my new house. I also go into detail about some memorabilia which I picked up, and some new trains including a Lionel CSX Heritage caboose and an MTH Amtrak Pacific Surfliner F59PHI. I end by talking about the future of the blog series and railfanning videos to come in the future as well. Enjoy!

Damaged the electronics running DC instead of AC+

ipmagcol ·
I have bought an MTH RailKing PCC Street Car with ProtoSound version 1.0. When I first got it, I put it on my Loinel track with DC for a short while. Now with AC power it just seems to stand in "RESET" state (not moving at all). The sound seams to be there and the bell dings two times upon startup. Can I have damaged the DCRU electronic reverse unit by running DC? I have got it running on AC power by shifting the yellow connectors so the engine gets power from the marker light connector, now...

Discussion with MTH @ Nat'l Train show

jonnyspeed ·
I went to the National Train Show today. I had a nice talk with Andy Edleman of MTH. According to Andy, pre-orders of the F-units have been decent. He expects more sales once they are released. The F-units are using the O scale PS3 boards. The...

Difference between MTH PS1 PS2 PS3

DaveM ·
Hi Folks.  I just bought my first PS2 engine off of ebay. (Been a postwar guy for years) I just Couldn't pass up an S-2 for $140.   Now I'm looking at getting DCS for my layout and and am a bit confused, especially between what the...

EM-1 (6-28051) won't run on conventional power SOLVED!!

arcticrail ·
Hello all, Feel pretty silly for posting this but I've spent a couple hours surfing the web and the forums here for an answer and no luck yet.  I'm sure I'm missing something obvious... I just purchased a Lionel EM-1 and have been trying to get it to move on conventional power.  I have an MTH Z4000 for power.  When I power it up, I get sounds, and the bell and whistle function correctly.  In neutral, the lights are all on and the smoke generator works.  Actuating the...

Emergency E-Stop Circuit and Protection for track power (TIU Passive mode).

pro hobby ·
Emergency E-Stop Circuit and Protection for track power (TIU Passive mode). I have constructed a Dual Channel circuit protection panel with built in remote "E-Stop" circuits.  This panel provides for two channels with a 10 ampere circuit breaker per channel.  Along with the circuit breaker protection I also have a "remote" E-Stop circuit which allows a "shut down" of all power to 2 input channels of my MTH TIU. I can have 4 (or more) E-Stop "pushbuttons" located around the...

F/T MTH extended vision caboose- UP, Two atlas switch machines

Mo985 ·
I'm not really a caboose guy, but I have one from my RTR Railking set. Lights work great, no damage or scratches, just a little dusty. Box has a couple of tears, but is still intact. No clue about the ditch machines, had to search pictures on the Internet to guess what brand they are. One does not have the electronics inside, it does have the magnets though. I got them in a big box full of realtrax.  I'd be interested in a modern MTH boxcar, (rail box, NS, CN, etc). Looking to build my...

FasTrack - Bumper for Handcar

JustLuckey ·
I purchased an MTH PRR Operating Handcar (seen here: http://www.mthtrains.com/content/30-2574 ) and I (and my 2 year old son) love it.  We've only been using it on the loops we've built and occasionally will use our finger as a bumper...

FOr Sale: MTH Hellgate Bridge

Randy Kegg ·
This bridge is in excellent condition. It has only very minor nicks here and there. It is a first generation MTH bridge, having been bought new in 1989. It started out on my layout, but has spent most of its life in the original box, where it resides today. $250, plus shipping. Rkegg@juno.com

***YORK PICKUP AVAILABLE*** Over 250 Lionel and MTH Trains For Sale/Trade

bmartz1991 ·
***YORK PICKUP AVAILABLE*** Over 250 Lionel and MTH Trains For Sale/Trade LIONEL 6-6116 Soo Line Ore Car $20 6-6131 Illinois Terminal Four-Bay Covered Hopper $20 6-6134 Burlington Northern Two-Bay ACF Hopper (Std. O) $30 6-6209 New York Central Gondola w/ Coal Load (Std. O) (2 Available) Now $15 Was $20 6-6230 Erie-Lackawanna Reefer (Std. O) $30 6-6232 Illinois Central Boxcar (Std. O) $30 6-6233 Canadian Pacific Rail Flatcar w/ Stakes (Std. O) $30 6-6239 Burlington Northern Boxcar (Std. O)...

For Sale - K Line 21” aluminum, MTH Premier Pass Set, Subway set, Atlas O and K-Line Engines

Paul Finn ·
Super Chief $1,799 (8cars and F7 ABA Set) K4630R which is comprised of; K4630-42921 Coach and K4630-41822 Pullman K4630Q which is comprised of: K4630-41349 Club Lounge and K4630-40502 Vista Dome. K4630P which is comprised of; K4630-40508 Dome #508, K4630-33465 Baggage (18 inch), K4630-40008 Observation “Navajo” and K4630-41568 Diner #1568 K-25305 F-7 A-B-A Lionel Railsounds & TMCC, Operating Smoke Exhaust Units and Electrocouplers. Empire State Express Cars $999 (6 cars) K4670L which is...

FS: MTH Norfolk SOuthern heritage "Nickle plate road" ES44AC "Dummy" price drop 220 shipped

Chris D ·
HI fellas, selling a perfect MTH Nickel plate road # 8100. this is a non-powered engine. has lights and can be controlled with controls on top of the engine. great detail. run with a consist or up front of a powered unit. original box and packing. Asking 240.00 shipped. Now 220 shipped... Cedroste@yahoo.com thanks Chris

4/20. Prices reducd.. FS: MTH Premier and Atlas Diesels

Trainbros89 ·
Hey all, I am selling a few Mth Premier and Atlas diesels. First is an Atlas Dash 8-32BHW. Has some minor chipping on rails and one of the rails is off in the back. glue should fix it. Also, the manuel says it has flashing ditch lights. They don't seem to work, maybe because I am running it on a Z4000 and not thru a remote? They light up, just don't flash. Asking $300.00 shipped. Nest for sale is an MTH Premier PS1 Genesis. Everything works great, box has a little wear on it and contains no...

FS: MTH 20-2157-1 Conrail GP38-2 *Price Lowered*

mlavender480 ·
For sale is an MTH 20-2157-1 GP38-2 diesel, Conrail #8265. It has no box, but is in very good condition and runs well. I have tested all features except the "freight yard sounds", and all operate as specified- engine sound, horn, bell, both electro-couplers, crew talk in neutral. Directional headlights and cab light work as well. The battery most likely needs replaced. Will add pics later today. Asking $135 plus shipping to the lower 48. I'll take PayPal or postal money order as payment,...

Help with MTH 0-27 Passenger Cars

barnun ·
Ok folks, I give up. I've tried several searches on the forum and on the MTH Web site for info on the MTH 30-6241 Combo/Diner 2 pack and an add on 30-6240 coach. I believe these are from 1998. I've acquired them used with no boxes and no manuals (my first MTS cars). I'd like to give them a good cleaning and check the interior wiring and bulbs. Before I exert too much pressure and break something (that I'll regret), what's the best way to remove the roof? Does it simply pop off? I'm familiar...

HELP!! mth proto 2 aem7 issue

bobby1154 ·
hi im having a problem with my Amtrak aem7 when Im running it of corse under dcs control it does not seem to have and power im only got 4 amfleets 1 reg coach car and a express mail car but when I run the same cars behind another engine it runs...
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