Hi all I just have received my Mi Jack for my HO Intermodal Layout 

there is a problem with the smallest gear when I go to raise the gantry 

the gear is slipping on the shaft has anyone got a real answer for this one 

please would someone please tell me what to do the right way 

I am going operating on my HO Intermodal Layout 

but I have to change the forks or clamped onto the Containers 

someone might have some ideas for this please 

Kind Regards 

HO Well Cars \ Containers 

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I had the same problem with mine a few years ago.  I used some J B WELD on the gear and axle.  Works good now.  Be careful of going to far up on the hoist with these because it will strip that gear again.  I have purchased a spare set of gears for this but have not used them yet.  Good Luck with the fix.

Hi laz957

Laz957 would you be able to tell me the name of the shop and location of the shop please as I am in Ireland and I have to get someone to buy the gears for me I don't know if I be able to get the glue for the gears here but I am going to try and find out can this glue be got here I just want to have a spare set of gears just in case if I can get the name of the shop where to buy the correct gears for the MI-Jack this would be perfect I might be able to get more parts there  I was trying to get HO Fully Functional crane but impossible this is my answer I think 

Thanks again Laz957 for coming back to me I really appreciate your help with this

Kind Regards

HO Well Cars / Containers  


Here is where you can get one from on ebay.  This is expensive.  See my other post below.


This is the gear for the Lionel O gauge one.  There is another set of just the two gears if you do an e bay search of  Lionel Intermodal crane gears, a bit expensive though.  Good Luck I hope you get it fixed.

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