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Iron Horse and Dave -  It just doesn't seem to fit .  Supper Club/Roadhouse,  Howard Johnson's/Roadhouse,

Biker Bar/Roadhousebooyah-comic-pop_a-G-10391412-0

I concede, Wild Mary, you're right. But my layout already has an MTH Harley shop, an MTH Harley drive-in diner and a blues club where the Rolling Stones are playing small gigs now that they are old.  My supper club would truly welcome bikers!  But if your roadhouse shows up at Menards instead of my supper club, I'll buy one!  And then I can park some of my scooters in front it as well as the Menards' Howard Johnsons, too. Or a Holiday Inn

Menards does a great job thinking out of the box for their structure releases
I would like then to make a couple of dilapidated houses. These house could be modified buy the buyer to suit their need as a haunted house/hobo house/building slated for demolition or just houses in a run down neighborhood. If you look at a lot of the structures the weathering is minimal. Menard’s could make make a need structure and maybe just modifying some of their own designs.

A cemetery would be nice with a hurst and people with head stones, something to go along with the new church. They could also put funny sayings on th tomb stones.

Piggybacking on the modern gas station idea, I was going to suggest a Kwik Trip. But I’m afraid I might be picky. I probably would want it to closely resemble the actual stores, which aren’t exactly dinky convenience stores. That’s probably more real estate then what most hobbyists would want to give up for such an accessory.

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