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Check out our newest lighted accessory! O & HO Scale Water Towers!

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  • Prelit with blinking red aircraft warning light on top
  • Metal appearance with Menards® logo on one side
  • Brackets in base to fasten the tower to your layout, if desired
  • Dimensions: 14”H x 5-1/2” Diameter

Essential city service: The spheroid water tank from Menards®

You see water towers everywhere. Towns and villages have them, steel mills and factories have them, and military bases couldn’t function without one, either.

Simply put, they store water. Water for fire hydrant systems andwater for drinking. They store the wet stuff for a variety of business and industrial uses.

Our water tower is a modern spheroid design bearing the Menards® logo. This differs from an old-school style because the spheroid tank is supported by a carbon-steel support conical pedestal rather than multiple legs. This type of tank can hold between 200,000 and 500,000 gallons of water. There is no visible ladder because maintenance and inspection on spheroid tanks are done more safely from inside of the pedestal.

The model measures 14" high and the tank has a 5-1/2" diameter. The conical base is 3" wide and has two brackets should you wish to fasten it to your tabletop.

An aircraft warning light is atop the tank. Illumination requires a 4.5-volt power supply, sold separately (SKU# 279-4061/4361, 279-4062/4362, or 4050).

The Menards® water tower has a design you might spot in any city, industrial complex, or college campus. The minimal footprint makes it easy to place in town or a country setting.

In case you miss it, I've attached today's O gauge train email below.

Thank you,
Mark the Menards Train Guy


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