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@kj356 posted:

Got my set of 4 tankers, the grandkids like them and will be popular at the train shows. I really like these for the price and color.  I have not had any issues with the set that I got and all of the other Menards rolling stock picked up occasionally.


Those are great looking cars, the painted silver looks good too. Enjoy them!!

@Trainman52 posted:

I just opened my order.  The Lifesaver cars are NOT chrome plated, they are painted silver as is the Hershey tank car.  Out of 5 cars ordered (4 tank cars and one flatbed with a tank), 2 of them have issues with the couplers and 1 has an issue with both the coupler and the truck being warped.  I'll be sending them an email.  I thought that these looked like something unique for my collection.  That being said, I like most of you have more than enough trains.  I'll see what reply I get back.

Here's the "rest of the story".  Menards replaced the Hershey and Life Savers cars.  They didn't have any Texaco cars left in stock.  I originally ordered the number of cars that I did in order to lessen the shipping cost per car.  Well, that plan went out the window.  To Menards' credit, they did pay the return shipping and refunded the excess processing fee.  At this point, absent anything that really strikes my fancy, I will just be living vicariously through you all.  Have a great weekend.

Well I just had to join this discussion as I LOVE tank cars and have quite a few.  I have the Lionel "Life Savers" tank cars so did not purchase the Menards version however I could not resist the "Tide" tank car.  I just received it the other day and it was like $38 including shipping and fees etc.  Most (NIB) Lionel tank cars these days run around $90 including the same charges (there are no local train shops were we live and we have had only 1 train show within driving distance in 2 years).  My car was just perfect, everything worked and was fine.  It was packaged really well and protected from shipping damage by a very robust carton and a hard plastic fitted sleeve.  No damage at all.  So I am a very happy customer.

Here is the car :  The livery and lettering plus the paint job is flawless.  The level of detail is great including the "truss rod" type frame and the rod supports.  The ladder is an add on detail as is the top platform.

Menards Tide Tanker side viewMenards Tide Tanker end view

Now we have had discussions about comparison with Lionel tank cars.  Well here is a side by side with the Lionel White Pass tank car from 2009. This car came, at the time, in a 3 car "add on" pack to the White Pass and Yukon set.   Note the Lionel car is visibly smaller and the trim is somewhat different, having horizontal hand rails but no lower rods for the frame.  It has true sprung trucks which the Menards car does not have but the truck facade on the Menards car is a deep and detailed plastic facade.  The Menards car is clearly based on a larger tanker.  The Tide car data states Lt Wt 69,300 lbs while the White Pass data is Lt Wt 35,600 lbs. 

So below are some side by side pictures, so I guess you can draw your own conclusions.  Since Lionel never produced a "Tide" car with as colorful a livery, I am very pleased with the Mendards version.  I am also pleased that Menards has entered the 0 gauge market with some really neat and affordable items.

Menards Tide Tanker comp with Lionel White Pass sideMenards Tide Tanker comp with Lionel White Pass rear

Well that's my input on the subject.  Best wishes to all



Images (4)
  • Menards Tide Tanker side view
  • Menards Tide Tanker end view
  • Menards Tide Tanker comp with Lionel White Pass side
  • Menards Tide Tanker comp with Lionel White Pass rear

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