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When I designed my shelf layout, then put an add on short time later, I used this program. Has all the track manufactures on it. Many things you can do with it, but i just did a basic track image with my floor plan. Easier to swap out track pieces on here before ordering, then ordering again.

Its free to download. If you want all the goodies, then you have to buy, but the free version has served me well.

I just did a 0-72, its 77" or 6.5ft               0-54 is 57" or 4.75ft

I used Gargraves for this example.

I checked with the Lionel fastrack, as I see it in your picture, about an inch shorter, so no big difference. If your looking for track, I would recommend Gargraves. I didn't know it existed until I started to build my layout and found it. Saved me alot of money. Switches, use Ross.  And there are ways to make your existing track hook up to this track if you want to go that route. My layout is 0-54, in the corners, minus the image below.

072 , 054

Just showing how useful this program is. Drew out my floor plan, then laid the track. Did a few tweaks. Made install process smoother.

bdrm cross


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I have been using Anyrail with the full license as I eventually hit the limit for the free version and it is very useful.  I am only using it for planning thus far and have not built the layout but it has a great users manual and lots of capability like easements on curves.

I agree on Ross switches looking great.  And the Gargraves flex track I have a pack of and a pack of Atlas flex.  Both look very good.  Not sure which I will end up doing the majority of the layout in.

One thing I cannot seem to find is the way to put multiple levels in Anyrail.  I see they have layers and elevations but I would love to be able to flip to levels as the plan I have is three levels.  One main and one upper and lower.  Any suggetions or experience with how to do three levels from anyone?

If I read your post right, I believe the photo shows your current table and the planned 3x10 addition. Since you mentioned O-54 curves, I assume you don't plan to continue with FasTrack, it goes from O-48 to O-60 with no O-54 curves. I see you have some Lionel O tubular track on the table, so that's what I used to show O-72 (Blue) and O-54 (Yellow), but added the FasTrack O-36 (Green) just to show the difference with what you currently have. FWIW, I believe FasTrack is measured from the outside rail while most other brands are measured from the center rail, so there's always a slight difference in the overall diameter of a circle.

The 2nd photo just shows a simple design with O-54 inside O-72 for a dual track setup. Obviously, the curves in the lower right are tighter than O-54 using O-31 and O-42 curves.

The problem you will face with the addition is reaching sections of the layout. Most people can only reach 30-36", so you'll either need to crawl on top or add access hatches to deal with problems, add landscaping, etc.

When it comes to software, there are several packages available and several threads outlining the pros and cons of each. But, since you didn't ask about software, I'll just say that they'll all get the job done if you plan to go that route.




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