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"Thomas the Tank Engine to the Rescue, or how I saved Mark, the Menards Train Guy's Birthday Party!"

Item: No biggie you understand, but I notice that some of the M&M box cars and hopper cars come with the same number (e.i. 7044 and 7411) despite the fact they are painted in different colors.

Joseph Toth Jr.



Hi Joseph,

I love the Thomas reference! Who can we find to produce that episode? 

As far as the numbers go, the cars are actually individually numbered. The numbers are seemingly random but the renderings on our website have placeholder numbers.

-Mark the Menards Train Guy

I own at least 80% of all the M&Ms (and related brands like Snickers, Milky Way, etc.) products that MTH has ever released (including all of the Gauge One engines and rolling stock).

I suspect the fact that I worked for Mars for 23 years might have something to do with my buying habits. 

You should see my collection of 1/24 NASCAR diecast M&M's cars.  

I got the variety pack last year.  Three box cars and the brown hopper.  The kids definitely love it when you load the hopper with M&Ms.  But you have to insist that they wait till the train is stopped before they grab some candy, otherwise a derailment is likely.  I was wondering if there will be a variety pack with one each of the new colors.  I didn’t see one on the linked page.

Greetings Mark, the Menards Train Guy,  I regret that I don't know anyone in the entertainment field who could produce the Thomas episode where he saves your birthday party.  Of course, there's the copyright issue to consider, as well as other legal eagle stuff too probably.  I like tcripe's idea for an M&M's factory plus Lionlman's truck as well. 

Looks like Menards has got a real winner decorating trains with M&M's products. 

Thanks for answering the numbers game too, and keep up the great work!

Joseph Toth Jr.



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