(09/12/17) New! Railroad Signs from Menards!

Decorate your train room with these beautiful railroad signs! Use them as stand-alone billboards, or dress up your current model buildings and train accessories!

Railroad SignsPennsylvania (279-3761): 5”H x 5-1/8”W
New York Central (279-3762): 3-1/2”H x 5-1/2”W
Milwaukee Road (279-3763): 4-3/4”H x 5-3/4”W

Santa Fe (279-3764): 5”H x 5”W
Chicago & North Western (279-3765): 3-3/4”H x 5-3/4”W
Union Pacific (279-3766): 5-1/8”H x 4-5/8”W

And, for any dealers out there, we are also offering a dealer pack of 36 (6 of each road name above) for $299. That’s only $7.41 each after discount and rebate. Plus, they come in a display box so they’re ready to sell at train shows!

See all railroad signs!

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Will Menards have a booth at York this year? I would love to get an accessory or one of these sigs from you guys. 


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Greg Houser posted:
Basil posted:

Menards couldn't make one for the SOO?  That don't seem right.

Soo what?


Greg - here is the answer to your question:  

Basil - as Menards is based in the midwest and have done a number of midwestern railroad names on past offerings I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they conjure up a Soo Line sign.

jim sutter posted:

Does anyone else think they are to large?

Yes I do. They are about 2-4x as large as they should be on a typical O scale layout. The signs look to be about 5" x 5" which would make them 20' ft square in O scale. As they tower over the tops of the engines and rolling stock, they would be good looking on the large stations and structures

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jim sutter posted:

Does anyone else think they are to large?

Jimmy, IMO if Menard's intended these signs to be used on an O-gauge layout, then Yes, they appear to be too large to me.  If they were intended to be displayed as decorations around the train room, then they may be ok...or maybe even a bit too small. 

It probably doesn't matter though as I'm sure they will sell.  Menard's has been knocking it out of the proverbial ballpark with just about every item they release!  

As we all know, they have cultivated a very loyal following...at least from what I see and read here on the Forum.  So loyal that I sometimes find myself thinking, "wow, these guys will buy anything that says 'Menard's' on it" when I read through some of members' posts/comments in these weekly product announcement threads...LOL!  Good for Menard's...they are certainly on a roll!

Joe A.

Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!

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