Thanks Roger for responding. Vernon is a master modeler and has won awards for his modeling talents. Vernon's layout is simply beautiful and each time I see it I learn something new.

Roger is following Vernon in building a world class layout as well....The Springfield crew are the best group of guys one could meet and I am proud that they are members of our Mid-America 3-Railer group!!

A few more pictures from Roger Wassons layout in Springfield Mo during the Dec tour.

A night shot of the other side of the refinery with the Sonoco neon sign

A night shot of the Frisco station.

The turntable, awaiting the new roundhouse kit from Dennis Brennan

Some Frisco motive power.


John...thanks! Since there are several layouts posted, I am not sure to which one your refer. The layouts range in size from a 5 car garage (BIG) to basement sized (still BIG!).

Cesar...thanks to you too!! I could use a few White Castles myself, even for breakfast!!! YUMMMMMMMMMIE!!

Originally posted by Garfield:
I love that Campbell Express truck!
Does anyone have the Lilly Tulip paper cup factory on their layout?
I always thought it would make a neat model.

Garfield, thanks for asking.
Your answer is no, I thought that I would have room for it but I don't. There is an HO model railroad here in town that does have an exact scale model of this site.He took copies of the blueprints and made it happen....a very interesting site to see.
A few more pictures of Jerry Murray's layout. Vernon Hart along with Roger Wasson was an inspiration and assisted Jerry in the construction of his layout. A great group of guys (about 12 to 15) that meet every Wed morning for breakfast in Springfield Mo. Jerry and Vernon do not participate on any train forums.

The amusement park area.


A note to the Mid-American 3-Railers here on the forum:

This is my first post to the OGR forum; I have been lurking for some time.

I model the Frisco, MoPac, and T&P in 3-rail and live near Rolla. Currently, I am working on our family's second permanent layout (the first one a victim to necessary rearrangement of the availalbe space). No pics yet because the plywood is still awfully bare Wink

Anyway, I was wondering what sort of organization you guys have? How formal is it?


Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

Not formal at all. We are planning on coming up your way this weekend. We all are going to the St. Charles, MO train meet. Alan, (here on the forum as leavingtracks) is the go to guy. Go to his e-mail address and let him know that you want to join. There are no dues nor formal meetings.
This weekend we are going to St. Charles and see Alex (Ingeniero No1) layout and other layouts in the St. Louis area.
Please send me your email address and I will send you an e-mail letting you know what is going on this weekend.
Thanks Robert for those pictures of Roger's beautiful Texas Special. That is one fantastic train and I enjoyed seeing it run on his layout.

Roger...thank you for offering "Palallin" help about our club. Please let me know if you get a response and I will send him my synopsis of who we are as a group.

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