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Ran across a unique bit of knowledge.  At least new to me.  While taking a tour of the US Navel Academy in Annapolis MD I entered a building of boat models dating back to the early years of the navy.  The tour guide stated that the construction crews did not work with prints or written plans but rather worked off an exact 1/4" scale model for all features.  Humm...Neat!!!  Dozens of perfect 0 scale models all over the place.

If you ever want to drool over some super 1/4" scale model boats this is the place to go.  OK, not for sale and only useable for historic docking such as at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Penn's Landing and other such water front displays but eye candy none the less.

A variation on the reverse engineering certain manufactures use when copying somebody else's models.


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"The tour guide stated that the construction crews did not work with prints or written plans..."

I would be interested in speaking to that person's immediate supervisor.  It would prove, I'm sure, to be a short yet informative conversation.  

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the Navy has used ¼" brass models on the SPAWAR model range in San Diego for years...


since radio frequencies scale, the models aid in placement of antennas.  when a ship class is retired, some models go back into the shop for more cosmetic details which are then sent to and displayed at various commands.



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it was very common, and usual practice in early boatbuilding to work off a lines model or, half or full hull model. marine architecture was very much a by-the-eye manner of design based on use-proven shapes until sometime in the 19th century, when more efficient hull shapes were being figured mathematically.

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