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I just received the Diecast Direct 2020 Fall catalogue. There is an abundance of 1:43 vehicles, which are too large, and some 1:48 and 1:50. It’s frustrating because there are some really nice pieces but they are 1:43. However, there are some nice offerings in 1:64 and I was wondering if this would be too small with my PW layout. Your insights are greatly appreciated.

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Yes, too small, as 1:64 is S scale. S is between O and HO; kind of wee.

BUT - having said that, when kept at the back of a scene, 1:64 will work as it can enhance the forced perspective thing (as part of the scene; can't do it alone). Keep them away from the O-scale (true and 1:43) stuff and the front of the layout.

I am an S scale collector/operator and have a lot of 1/64 cars and trucks. I would not use them on an O scale layout. The 1/64 cars have a lot less detail, there are far fewer prototype car models to choose from and they are way undersized for O scale. As mentioned above some of the Plasticville is undersized so sometimes a 1/64 vehicle looks right with Plasticville, sometimes not. Also as mentioned above, forced perspective can be a good application if they are not within reach of the viewer.

I have 1:43 and 1:48 / 1:50 vehicles on my layout but I keep them apart. For instance, I avoid placing my 1:43 NYC bus near my 1:50 Corgi Mack tractor-trailer truck, because the bus model is larger than the truck model, even though I think in real life the truck is probably larger than the bus or at least very close in size. I do the same with 1:43 and 1:48 figures.  Keep them somewhat apart, and the difference scales will be less noticeable. I have some 1/64 figures but their smaller size is very noticeable if there are any 1:48 / 1:43 figures within sight of them.

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Yes, 1/64 cars will work okay with a postwar layout.  Regarding some of the comments above, most Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars are not 1/64.  Most of them are smaller than that.  But, some of them are spot on 1/64, especially the models of smaller cars.

Some of the Johnny Lightning and similar, higher-end die cast cars at retail are 1/64, but even that is hit and miss.  

I'd say buy a couple 1/64 cars and see what you think.  I think they are fine, though very different in size from 1/43.  The 1/64 cars also fit PERFECTLY on the MPC-era tri-level auto rack.

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