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Item # 2133900. As a long time collector of Lionel trains, and one who rarely posts anything on the forum, I wanted to share some pictures of this engine. It was Lionel's engine of the year in 2021. Only available online, and according to Lionel only 25 were ever produced. Long sold out I was fortunate to find this brand new item in the glass display case at the Lionel store in Concord NC.  As soon as I saw it my wallet was out lol.  I know these fantasy engines are not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it was a great find.  It will make a good companion for my Vision line 120th Year anniversary GS-4 set. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.IMG_2649IMG_2362IMG_7309IMG_7500


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Nice engines. I got my love of trains from my mother. She had certain standards, like a train should look like a real train (she detested the the whole concept of the pink and pastel Girl’s Set!!!). I guess I’ve carried on with similar tastes, but I made an exception for the Lionel 120th Anniversary caboose which has a paint scheme similar to your two engines, and it is very eye catching.



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The caboose #2026910 that was produced is a great match for both engines. I finally found one and added it to my collection, glad the picture of this caboose was posted.  I really like different things so I do like some of the what if items Lionel has produced. I hope when someone does purchase the next loco of the year #2231330 they post some pictures. The lionel online site picture does not do Justice to the colors of these fantasy paint schemes. These engines do not appear in the catalog, so you only can rely on the Lionel site exclusive rendering. My dad started me out with my love of Lionel trains and that will never change. Collect what you like or love, and enjoy your trains.

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