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Alright Staten Islanders, we have a blast from the past! The South Ferry Loop on the 1 Train has reopened for the 1st time yesterday, Thursday, April 4, 2013, for the first time Since March of 09. The Loop will be utilized at all times now, until the 'new, flooded, 600 million dollar repairs South Ferry' is reconstructed over the next 3 years! Remember, please be in the first 5 cars of the train to exit at South Ferry! This is a Bronx-Bound 1 LOCAL Train, the next stop is Rector St, Stand Clear of the closing doors please! Stand clear of the moving platform!











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Wow, this brings back some sweet memories.  I was a kid in NYC back in the 60s-early 70s and enjoyed riding the subway trains with my parents (when my dad didn't feel like driving the Pontiac LeMans). 


I remember the first time we boarded a train at South Ferry to head back to the Bronx. We were near the edge of the platform as our train arrived.  My dad told me "Look down".  Being 5 years old I remember how amazed I was seeing the plates extending forward towards the car before the conductor opened the doors.  Simple fascinating thrills of childhood!


Saddens me that "my Redbirds" (and the R12 thru R33 cars) are gone from service, but it's good to know that a number of them have been saved and run in the "Train of many Colors".


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Hi Zach,

Thanks for the post and the great photos of the Old South Ferry Station, which I remember from childhood - including the fascination with the gap filler moving platforms.

I was in New York last week, and was wrapping up my stay down by the ferry terminals. I found myself in front of the South Ferry station and just had to ride the No-1 train for sentimental reasons.

By sheer serendipity, as I had been unaware of the new station, I was able to re-discover the recently reopened old loop station.

I was scrambling to get back to my hotel to collect my luggage and then get up to Penn Station, and, as a No-1 train was arriving as I got down to the platform, I did not take the time to photograph the station as I would have liked to do.


I am writing a story for my blog ( about the sentimental journey back to South Ferry and the No-1 Broadway-Seventh Avenue Local, and would very much appreciate permission to use one or two of your excellent photos - with credit, of course.

Please let me know if that would be OK.

Many thanks.


Hi Zach,
The blog story is up, and again thanks so much for allowing me to use your photos.
Best regards,
Originally Posted by Zach:

Hi Steve!


Thanks for the kind words. It was awesome to see the Old South Ferry Come back to life. Sure man, you may use some of the photos. Not a problem. Let me know when the blog is complete. Id like to take a look at it.




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