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David is a guru of the Philly area.  The city of brotherly love,  as long as you do it their way.  a member of the "straight outa Philly" string band!

My Layout of Philly 50s theme also and I always like getting old Philly items for my layout but I realize that to sell nationally they will have to use national companies.

One thing that Mark may consider for the future is a Armored Car in O Gauge. I don't recall anyone making one in the past.

I like the idea of some of the companies of the past (grocery/manufacturing/distribution), possibly some of Menard's early suppliers.  The painted/undecorated (unbranded) version would be great and would appeal to any region.

@Rod Stewart posted:

Yeungling  Lager! Yes!


@PilotPete posted:

I second the Yuengling  lager truck. Any other beer trucks would awesome.

Cheers, Pete

I'd like to see a Yuengling delivery truck, but in the typical '50's era company name only style.  IRRC, Yuengling Lager variety was not in the company's variety of ale, porter and premium pilsner beer marketed until the mid-1980's when they "reintroduced" their "traditional lager".

Yuengling family also had a dairy; how about just Yuengling of Pottsville, PA so it could be either dairy or brewery?  I do remember when beer was home delivered, just like milk ...but not everyday

Nice looking truck!  Now, if you can make some sort of a budget engine that looks okay, I'd snap it up.
I'm no rivet counter; but I want the engine to be able to pull 10+ cars, not look totally cheap (unlike my dad's 70's Lionel starter engine), and be of a low price....something akin to the K-line HUSKY line comes to mind, though maybe slightly nicer in looks.  Steam or diesel doesn't matter to me, though I would pay more for a "European steam" style non-harry potter engine (something like the Castle Class of Great Western Railway's 4-6-0s).

[That 70s starter engine (Lionel Soo Line Yard Chief Starter Set #5869) did have an all-metal frame, so it was able to take a lot of abuse, but the lack of any rear weight or 2nd powered truck made it capable of far less than my K-line S2]

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@third rail posted:

Here's an idea.  Make the box out of plastic and removable.  This would lend the truck to kit bashing different loads on back. Maybe even interchangeable parts, like an armored truck, delivery van, soda/ beer truck,  flat/stake bed, etc.

Bill,  Good idea.  A van truck one day, a flat bed truck with a unique load the next, a tank body to deliver heating oil the next.  Similar to a semi tractor pulling different trailers as the customer requires.  John

@Menards posted:

Input needed:

I'm trying to come up with decorations/signage for another batch of 1956 box trucks that we are planning to produce and I am looking for suggestions. What are you guys looking for and what do you find attractive (color, branding, etc.). All help is welcomed!

Thank you,
Mark the Menards Train Guy


Mark, The 'Helmet' COE was manufactured between 1948 and 1956 which overlaps the  Railway Express Agency. Any layout modeling a time between 1948 and about 1970 could use a few of your trucks as REA delivery and pickup vehicles.  Various advertising panels would be appropriate.  A second color on the fenders would add to the cost. Both models shown are as they came from the factory.

A removable box cargo compartment would allow the modeler to change the unit to a flat bed truck or a semi tractor.  Flexibility ought to sell more models.



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