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Announcing Dwarvin by Trainz fiber-optic lighting!

Don't muck around with wiring runs and soldering, and stop handing Woodland Scenics your cash for their Just Plug system.
Dwarvin lighting gives you an easy way to illuminate your layout with professional grade equipment that gives you museum level results.
To get you started, use code DWARVIN10 to save ten percent on all Dwarvin products on until midnight April 9. We know once you try it, you'll love it like we do.
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Scott . I purchased the Dwarvin lighting system this month.  Very pleased with the installation and the end results in the lighting it provided for effects in the 2 buildings I installed.  Will Trainz be adding new products for o scale? This was so easy to install . I am 81 yr old and having to crawl under my layout was just a nightmare and then fumbling with wiring scenery also became something that I was not looking forward to do. This was absolutely the greatest to install  . I noticed your pulsating light system will only light one device. Will you be introducing a system that will be used to light multiple devices? 🤔 keep us posted .

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Thanks Bill for the great feedback! Yes, we do plan to expand the line, although at the moment we are trying to get our arms around what we have so far.

What new items might you like to see?

As far as the pulsating light system (Our Digital Flashing Unit (DFL) it is designed to have one trigger input and two sets of flashing red lights for a pair of crossbucks, one on each side of the tracks. The fiber output hole could be made bigger for more flashers, but they would all come on and off at the same time based on that single input trigger.

Thanks for your reply. I would like to see billboards in o scale . I was thinking that a billboard that I could create my own a billboard with lighting and different designs with lettering  provided in a kit. Tower warning pulsating lights for  top of buildings  and cell towers . Add a crossing gate arm to your now crossing gate system. Emergency lights for vehicles.  Also referrals for die cast vehicles that would be user friendly for fiber optics or even better vehicles that are plug and play with this system. All for o scale 😀 thanks for asking.


  Once again thank you for your reply. I do hope that all are doable suggestions.  I am still in awe how easy this system was to hook up. I had read in the OGR in previous postings on the topic that the lighting effect would not be the same or as Good as using LED lights. By using Dwarvin lighting proved those statements wrong. I would say Dwarvin is as good or better. And yes again the hook up time fantastic.


Thanks for all those great suggestions. Those are all possible. We will put them in in the R&D hopper.

We don't have a specific newsletter for Dwarvin, but we do from As new things happen with Dwarvin, we will certainly be announcing them in the newsletter.

Thanks ... Scott

I  tried to order the short lamps in o scale the system would not allow me to order more than one. Does that indicate that you are sold out.


   I ordered  2nd Lamplighter 2 and installed.  I really like this system . One question I have is there a way to create a tower yard light that would have the spot light effect on a yard scene.  I was thinking of a light reflection inside a light hood but can not think  of what material I could use. Any ideas? Also how to fiber optic a vehicle  video would be nice . Any plans on this

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