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Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize in advance for this question.  I just don't know how to find where it is posted.

I want to clean-up and update my 1033 transformer.  I watched Peter Frenzel's two videos on doing it.  As a result, I have no interest in doing it myself.  Is there someone out there that updates these transformers?

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Generally I find that it isn't economically viable to professionally have small transformers redone as shipping and labor dwarf the parts costs and can exceed acquisition costs of a better condition transformer.

However, the service documents are available and there isn't much you can't do with a set of screw drivers and a soldering iron and so I'd say go for it!

If you happen to be in the Western NY area, I'd be more than willing to meet up and help ya out.

Olsens kindly hosts the service documents for the 1033 here:

Here is a clickable excerpt of the pictorial diagram:


To answer your question directly, see link below:

I have not used this gentleman’s services and I believe there are others who recondition transformers. As I recall, the 1033 was shipped without the handles installed. If you ship your transformer somewhere, I would suggest removing the handles. 

I got my first 1033 in 1954. I am still using it from time to time and the only repairs so far is replacing the cord. I think the cord has been replaced four times. 

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