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I have 1044 transformer where the whistle rectifier disc get very hot and burns out even with just the transformer plugged in and not at load.  U post is to common rail and "A" post to center rail.   All internal wiring seems intact with no sign of burning or shorting.  The discs I am using were previously removed from a ZW.  Any suggrstions will be appreciated.

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The whistle diode is only in the circuit when the whistle switch is closed.

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Since Olson's website went down, a lot of broken links back to them on this topic across forums.

Regardless, your first problem is what is wrong with your whistle switch before blaming it on the diode.

Second part is, why is there is a short circuit through the whistle diode basically between the U terminal and one of the other posts or windings- again, something very badly wrong with your whistle switch mechanism.

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@otww posted:

U post is to common rail and "A" post to center rail...

Per postwar convention(all single train transformers), on the 1044 "A" post goes to common rail and "U" post to center rail. The whistle circuit(and direction) are on the "U" post circuit. If you reverse it, you are mistakenly sending DC to all accessories you have connected to the "U" as common in error.

Multi-train/throttle transformers use "U" as the common, to the outside rails.

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