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Can someone tell me if the 104e board is an actual reverse unit?  It looks like it is actually part of another board.   I have a steam engine with a dc can motor that I want to add a reverse unit too with very limited room.  I would like to have reverse and possibly a whistle sound.  The 104e board looks like it would fit,  but I can't find any literature on it,  let alone a pin-out for the connections.

Anyone familiar with this board?  The size and the cost are right.

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104 is a reverse unit, but it’s intended to be used on a mother board, not sure it’d be ideal as a stand alone or not, may have to be used in conjunction with a driver....not 100% certain on that....if you’re looking for a simple reverse unit in a small foot print, Dalllee sells some small ones in 4 & 12 amp versions, plus there’s a guy on the bay selling a small foot print reverser that I’ve used, that’s pretty nice,’s universal, can used on AC open frames, or DC can motors with the addition of a fairly simple rectifier circuit, that won’t take up much room either.....


There are two versions of this board, both using the same PCB.  One has the extra parts to be a complete reverse board, the other one is used in upgradeable TMCC stuff and doesn't have the drivers on board.

I have one of the ones that has the drivers, I used to have a couple of the other ones, but I've used them in repairs.


The one with the drivers I believe could actually be used stand-alone with a DC motor, but I'm not sure of the wiring.  The drivers on the top do require a heatsink, the one I have has heatsinks that come up and fold over the the top.


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