That’s incredible, Carey. The mechanism looks like it is from a high-end clock. I’m not a tinplate type, but your video makes me think about the amazement and wonder a kid would have had when he received that train back in the day. Thanks for sharing.


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Hello all...glad everyone was amused ....  I just added oil to the spring and kept winding a bit more each time .. to give the old gal some time to remember how is was done .......but wow .. just flies ... glad there was enough floor space on the hotel room after pushing the beds away would probably be more happy  and less sliding on a wood floor ....  and open up the turning radi a bit ....    all good fun ..

Cheers Carey 

Hello all ..thank you for your kind words ....  working on a Brown from the 1860's ...accredited as the first mechanical toy train maker and photos soon .

Your stamped / embossed tin train is very unique ..there was one manufacturer that did that type of work ..just can not find the maker right now ...but when I do I'll post ...


if you like things that go around in circles check out the Ives Whistler from 1870's -80's


cheers Carey 


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