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They are from Germany from a firm called "Dickie Toys" made in China of course I would say from my measurements that they are 1/45 or 1/43 scale.

Bruce the mate that does the electrical is thinking about putting a Flavely pantograph on it and maybe using NWSL magic carpet drives we have all that stuff here just need a spare few hours might happen might not that's what makes life interesting without TV.

They are just a toy with complete interiors the same as what we play.... I mean operate with on our railroads. Roo.DSC01324


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Bruce likes something different he always likes to change things. Probably never happen it's on the low end of the list of things to do we are working on USA switching locos at the moment have enough work for the next few weeks then it's back to the Steel Mill for me anyway. He just saw them in a Dept Store a couple of days ago while walking through and bought one for fun. I bought one this morning for my 2-yr old grandson to play with. Roo.

If you look up "Dickie Toys" the chances are you will find a distributor in America also they tell you they are O scale 1/43 and ideal for the train enthusiast to display on their shelf! In Australia the stores that stock them are called "David Jones" an up market department store that are usually more expensive in prices and they cost Aust $20, when I bought mine they had about 50 on the shelf and that was one store out of five in Perth so I am sure America will have plenty of them.


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