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Hi.  I just picked up this used 153 Block controller today.  No box or instructions.


The wiring on the underside looks good to me.


There are three knurled nuts for wiring it up.


From the underside wiring and the 3 nuts am I correct in assuming that the center wire/nut is the common and one of each of the other wires/nuts is to light the red or green bulb?

If so, my bulbs must be broken because I could not get them to light.  If that is the case, what's a good source of replacement light bulbs for this?  I have heard of Henning's and Olsen's.

Appreciate any help.




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  • 20170226_142820: 153 Block Controller
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Center makes hot. One outside post for red common. Other outside post green common.

I would wire using an insulated outside rail and a relay. More dependable than the device above. Wired same.

You could go prototypical with 2 insulated outside rails. Green rail several feet in front of device. Red rail just after. Lights are dark as train approaches. Hits green rail and signal goes green. Train hits red rail and both lights are on. As train passes green rail light becomes just red. As train passes red rail all lights go dark. This works for one direction running. One can easily add a switch to reverse lights to run in other direction.

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