Using controller for the first time. Having a hard time wiring the device. How do you get the wire to stay in the holes.

The instructions say press the little orange rectangle above the whole and then tug on the wire gently to see if you have a good connections. In examining the process i cannot see the rectangle ever move. What am I doing wrong?



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Actually you press the orange thing sideways...toward the interior of the unit. That opens up where the wire can fit thru. Then release it (spring loaded), and it will grab the wire strongly. Tug on it for a test.

Like Chuck said, the orange tabs are spring loaded and control the opening for the wire to be pushed into place. My recollection is that you push the orange tabs inward (towards the cabinet in this picture) with your finger or a small flat bladed screwdriver that will fit into the slot on the orange tab and push in. That will open the hole for you to put the wire into the hole.

After the wire is in, release the orange tab and it should slide almost all the way back (see the black wire in the photo) and lock the wire in place. Pull on the wire gently to 153 IR Controllermake sure it is seated properly.


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Correct, you push them in, not down.  They indeed won't move down.

I have a bunch of these, they are way more reliable than the MTH model, at least when I used them.

Okay, Chuck got it right. The orange rectangle slides to side allowing the wire to be put in, then it slides back in place holding the inserted wire. Works great when i did it right. Thanks again Chuck. 

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