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I have an Lionel 153IR and I am trying to wire a Lionel Gateman to it.  I have wired it as I believe the instructions say it is to be wired and the gateman house lights stays on all the time, but the man does not come out when the IR is activated. Where exactly should the wires be placed on the Gateman and in the IR terminals for it to work properly. The IR is working fine as it is working great for a crossing light.

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Try to include more info &/or a photo next time. If you had shown how you have it wired now, you may have saved more time if you have it right. Plus, if these items aren't always fresh in OUR minds, we have to hunt the info.  I could have posted this earlier with a better overall answer than now if I knew what was there, but had to hunt to be sure, then answer the door, then walk the dog, eat, phone, etc.

Presumably the instructions are ones that physically came with the 153IR itself.

This may or may not apply to your situation, but there have been different versions of the 153IR with the same SKU 71-4111-250.  Here is a side-by-side of some of the instructions from two different versions; this from a previous OGR thread:

lionel 153ir instructions depend on release date

As contrasted at bottom the wiring to some accessories is different! 


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  • lionel 153ir instructions depend on release date

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