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I want to operate my MTH Watchman Shanty and my MTH crossing gates with a track activation device. From what I read here, the Lionel 153IR is preferred. My question is whether it will work out of the box or do I need something else? Also, has anyone used Z-Stuff for this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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The Z stuff Dz 1075 will operate the shanty.

As far as the crossing. I recommend the D2T-DS from Azatrax. ( Azatrax dot com)

It allows you to have the gates come on prior to the train reaching the crossing as well as keeping them on until the train is well clear of the crossing like the prototype.

In addition, it can detect 2 trains on 2 tracks in either direction. It  is less than the cost of one i.r. detector.

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