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Hello all,

The single 180 watt powerhouse that's powering my layout has stopped outputting voltage.  I had a track short and the breaker tripped as expected however this time resetting the breaker doesn't restore power.  I have a CW-80 that I was able to wire into the layout and that is providing sufficient power...I just can't run as much. 


Anyone have any tips/ideas of anything I can do to try and fix the 180 watt powerhouse?


Also, is there any more information on when any new 180's are shipping?  Lionel doesn't have it on their shipping schedule...


Thank you!!!

Original Post

Thanks for the schematic GunRunnerJohn.  If I can figure out what tool I need to get it apart, that will help diagnose the problem.  (if you know the name of the needed tool, that would help...all I can come up with is a flathead with the middle piece missing).

Carl, I did try that with no joy.  

I do have some on order at Charles Ro...Just waiting for them to come. 

It's called a "spanner".


Sometimes also known as “snake eyes” and “notched.” Though the diagram shows two holes in the top of the screw, these sometimes also look like a screw with two notches cut into the edge on opposing sides of the screw. A commonly used screw head to avoid tampering, used in everything from electronics to bathroom stall doors in public restrooms!

Here's a good List of Screw Types.

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