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Hello Chipset and Alan:


I have seen a sharper version of this film many years ago and saved it to CD Disc.

This film has been purposely slightly "washed out" along with the ever present over-imprinted white printed providers' name - so to circumvent making a good clear, sharp annonumous copy.


HOWEVER -- so you will know WHAT and WHERE those elevated scene shots are -- here below are the "timeframe" numbers (start to end of each clip identified) and the identity of the location - for your info !


00:00:01 to 00:30:15


View along East sidewalk of City Hall Park, Manhattan, S.E. along Park Row (street) -- showing the overpass pedestrian bridge over Park Row, connecting City Hall Park with the  "Brooklyn Bridge-Park Row Terminal" Station.  Brooklyn Bridge Company "Cable Car trains" and the steam trains of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit, used the Bridge tracks and this terminal.



02:09:15 to 02:38:15


View looking northwest on Fulton Street, downtown Brooklyn, under the Fulton St B.R.T. EL structure where it curves at Boerum Place street near Boro Hall-Court St. Station. Beyond the distance the EL rides along the west side of the later called Cadman Plaza as it approaches the SANDS STREET COMPLEX Station for the BRT EL and Brooklyn Bridge cable trains enroute to and from the Brooklyn Bridge.



02:39:08 to 03:09:24


View northwest on Washington Street (along the east side of the later called Cadman Plaza) towards High Street.  The SANDS STREET Station complex is at left, just off the Brooklyn Bridge - and the lower level elevated trackage is for the BRT Elevated stream trains and the Brooklyn Bridge Cable Trains.  See is the twin upper level in and out EL structures to the upper level Sands St Station which was a twin station.  A 2 track, island platform inbound station for departing passengers from the Myrtle Avenue EL line, - with the trains then going to a half-loop to the south and coming back to another 2 track, island platform outbound (northward)  station, for boarding passengers bound for Myrtle Avenue El.  Seen is a Steam Train Engine stopping at the outbound station. It will cross over Washington Street, and go one block to the right and turn 90 degrees southward on to Adams Street, and continue on to the Myrtle Avenue EL, whose tracks were shared here by the BRT 5th Avenue and Lexington Avenue EL's.



03:10:12 to 03:37:20


View from north end of the northbound Battery Place Station of the joint IRT 6th & 9th Avenue EL's. Seen entering and stopping is a northbound local having just left the South Ferry Terminal station a few blocks south of here...after passing thru Battery Place Park.



03:37:21 to 04:06:12


View northwest from the northern end of the Sands Street Complex Station platform, as a Bropoklyn Bridge Cable Train approaches coming off the Brooklyn Bridge.  Next is a bridge and Park Row (Manhattan) Terminal bound Brooklyn Bridge Cable-operated Train being pushed by a steam locomotive to the point at the Bridge approach where the cable railway cables begin.



04:06:13 to 04:36:10


Back again at the north end of the 6th and 9th Avenue EL's joint-use Battery Place Station, at Greenwich Street and Battery Place Street.  2 blocks north of this, on a 4 trackl elevated line, at Greenwich and Morris Streets, is where the 6th Avenue EL 2 easterly tracks branched off the 9th Avenue EL structure to run up over Trinity Place and Church Street.  We see a northbound local just leaving and a southbounbd train entering - enroute to the next and last stop, South Ferry Terminal.  The Battery Place tower at the north end of the downtown platform handled the interlocking for the Morris St. connection- junction of the 6th and 9th Avenue EL's.


Well, guys, at least now you know WHAT and WHERE those scenes are ! 


Regards - Joe F


ADDED POST SCRIPT -- Hello AGAIN Guys - I have just NOW added some photos BELOW from my vast Manhattan EL collection  to illustrate the areas north and south of the 6 & 9 Ave. EL's Battery Place Station, to further illustrate to you a more expanded view of the area of what is seen in the Battery Place EL Station mocie clips !


NOTE: If you click on to the THUMBNAIL images at bottom of this message, you also get to see the Photo Captions I provided for and with each photo !


Regards - Joe F



NW to IRT 6&9 AV EL-Battery Place STA-1908

N at SB Battery Place STA-9 & 6AV EL Jct-1939

S at Morris St on G'wich St-to 6AV L curve to 9AV L JCT-1888

S at Morris St-Aband Jct-6AV EL from 9AV EL-1940

SE along 9AV EL at Battery Park S. to S Ferry Terminal STA -1910


Images (5)
  • NW to IRT 6&9 AV EL-Battery Place STA-1908: Northwest to IRT 6th &9th AVE Joint EL to Battery Place Station-1908
  • N at SB Battery Place STA-9 & 6AV EL Jct-1939: North on north end southbound Battery Place Station-6th & 9th Ave. joint EL Jct-1939
  • S at Morris St on G'wich St-to 6AV L curve to 9AV L JCT-1888: South over Greenwich Street at Morris St. to 6th Ave EL, at left, junction into 9th Ave. EL, at right, in 1888
  • S at Morris St-Aband Jct-6AV EL from 9AV EL-1940: South on rear of uptown 9th Ave EL local train to Abandoned cut-off of former 2-track 6th Avenue EL junction to 9th Avenue EL, 1940
  • SE along 9AV EL at Battery Park S. to S Ferry Terminal STA -1910: View S.E. of joing 6th & 9th Ave. EL 2 track structure from Battery Place Station to South Ferry Terminal of the 2, 3, 6, 9 Avenue EL's, 1910
Last edited by Joseph Frank

Hello Alan and Chipset


Thanks both -  and for you both, I just now ADDED 5 photos, and a POST SCRIPT, in my original message ABOVE, showing the immediate vicinity areas north and south of that IRT 6th & 9th Ave Joint EL Line Battery Place EL Station shown in 2 of the movie clips, to give you both a better view of what surrounded that station.


Regards - Joe F



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