Hello all ...Lionel rushes to get passenger cars ready for the NYC Toy Fair Feb / Mar 1910 ....the 1910 Pullman is created .....it has a few short comings ...so quickly redesigned into the 18, 19,190  by Spring ...the 1910 Pullman is never heard from again .   Only know image of the 1910 Pullman is in the Lionel Jan & Feb  Playthings ad from 1910 ...showing 3 cars ...so for the first day in about 110 years here you have the same train in motion once more . 

Cheers  Carey 





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That is that a nice set. Love it. Looks like you have some really nice stuff there in the background.

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The evolution of the 1910 cars into the more pleasing 18,19 and 190 cars was a good move on Lionel's part. Thus the 1910's served their brief existance.

CAREY: You certainly are THE MAN when it comes to finding and sharing rare and obscure samples of models we would not otherwise be aware of! THANK YOU!

Carey, you continue to impress! It is becoming obvious that you have some of the rarest of the rare. I look forward to your next treasure.




not only do the Playthings materials exist for us thanks to you but you managed to make it come alive!  Helluva feat!  Thanks!



It is interesting to note that Lionel used those extreme car-end fitting trucks like the 1910's as late as the postwar period on those tinplate passenger cars that came in blue, green and brown liveries. Always thought those truck mountings looked goofy though I otherwise liked those cars.

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